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Ah, a cliché with a cliché in one hand and a cliché in the other


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Munch: So you think the guy goes from zero to rape and murder because he's schizophrenic?
Olivia: Uh, if he's not in his right mind, hell yes.
Munch: And who is the arbiter of mental health? Are you sane? And how do you know if you're not unless somebody tells you? And how do you know they're not?

Law and Order: SVU, "Noncompliance"

[[Journal title, subtitle and friend's page titles are mine. Kyou is great. :D]]

MST3k: joel and the bots make fun of a song in 'Pod People'

With a pickle mind, we kick the nipple pierce
Steady as a goat, we're flying over trout
Ghetto down the highway, at the speed of light
All I wanna feel now is the wind in my eyes
Sack of monkeys in my pocket
My sister's ready to go

Hear the engines roll now
Idiot control now
Hideous control now
Ninny on the road now
Minnie in control, wheels on fire
Burning rubber tires

Lirid jelly rolls now
Hiddy lestie go now
Niddy enshes spo now
Pity in a po boy
Hear the engines roll, bees on pyre
Burning rubber tires
Bwaha. I guess you had to be there. :D