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My new favorite Youtube comment:

"shut up .. dont compare some idiots to Westlife !"

As for why I'm watching a Westlife video, it was on my recommended list. >.> That is all.

MST 5-- now we're getting somewhere!

I tried to direct most of my anger at the characters since the author of this is a great person! But we've all made horrible prose mistakes, so far be it from me to spare anyone the wrath of Kyou! :D

FWIW, I did get the author's permission to do this. I was too lazy to fix the formatting errors, so that's why the fic looks a bit choppy. Enjoy!

My MST crew:

Kyou -- from 'Fruits Basket'

Dirk Strider -- from ‘Homestuck’

Tenchi -- from ‘Tenchi Muyo’

Faith -- from 'every one of my unnamed stories ever'


Angst Ahoy!Collapse )
So I watched an eleven episode anime called No. 6. It was fairly good and I did get emotional at the end. Nothing earth-shattering but better than I expected.

I watched the first episode of AMNESIA, an anime that's airing in Japan now. I don't think I have words for how lame the premise and annoying the characters are. It took the lead about an hour after she woke up to realize she didn't remember who the hell she was. I don't think AMNESIA is your only problem, miss.

The male characters dressed like clowns (or Visual Kei band members) and seemed to exist solely for the purpose of fawning all over the main girl as she "huh" and "what" -ed her way through the episode. QUALITY! The only thing that would redeem this pile is if it took a page out of Amnesia- the Dark Descent and threw the girl in a hellhole to crawl her way out of. Meh, she'd be dead in less than ten seconds.

Yet I'm the loser for watching the whole thing... damn masochistic tendencies. And Pear.


MST 4....... letsgo

I found this as I was looking through my old stuff. Since it's done, I decided to post it. It marks a first in my MSTs-- death! I liked this crew a lot-- they all hate each other which makes more some mean exchanges. :D

Disclaimer: No, I did not get the author's permission to use this story, because it is mine. Yes, I did write crap when I was 12. I don't own any of the MSTers. They aren't even in character so for all you know they are just carbon copies of the originals without any intent to even steal their use! So there.

My MST crew:

Kyou -- from 'Fruits Basket'

Shiki -- from 'Togainu no Chi'

Tsukishima -- from 'Miracle Train(wreck)'

Heuye -- from 'Angelique Etoile'


Here we goCollapse )

pear has taken over this journal


First, my own stupidity brought about by extreme exhaustion and sadness!!

"I know your weakeness"
--Yeah, me too.  Spelling.

And then from Somethingawful movie reviews:

-I'm in awe, or possibly sheer, intense pain. It gets hard to tell after a while.

-Seeing obvious continuity errors like this make me ask one burning question: "Who do you think's in the clown outfit? Do you think he wants to kill all of us?"

-As an incredible plot twist, it turns out the sheriff is on the payroll of Mr. Evil Businessman! Wow! Who wouldda' seen that coming? Certainly not me, but that's just because I'm really, really stupid and deserve death!

-We cut back to Roland, who is still running, with the ice cream truck right on his heels. Let me explain this another way - he's been running faster than a truck for hours, and has never found shelter.

-Legend has it that if you read this paragraph twice in a row, your brain implodes. I know mine did.

-Dr. Rhinestone, the requisite coldhearted scientist, shows up and puts a stop to all the clowning. She gets hers, though; EDDI tells her she "sucks!" Thanks, EDDI! And here I was afraid you were going to waste my time!

-Blacky runs back to the car, muttering about how no one will catch his "black ass," and tells Annoying White Girl that they have to get out of there. Of course, he never saw Whitey get killed. In fact, all he saw was Whitey go upstairs.

-Meanwhile, Car Guy actually finds a car battery sitting on the ground in the middle of the woods. Reality as I know it is now a worse place to be.

-For the record, the box also contains a misspelling writer/director/producer/actor John Polonia's name. And not his last name, either. I guess "Jhon" missed that little glitch


Time to sleep!!

When is April coming?? EEEEEEEEEEE

What if you didn't have to agonize over the placement and word choice of every sentence of every paragraph that you decided to write? What if you just let the thoughts come out however they did and were able to move on to the next damn part of the story?

All that aside, this Youtube comment made my day. I gotta use it as often as possible:

why all the people who are so close to us HAS TO DIE!!

Yeah, that's it, and yeah, I need sleep.


It's been like two weeks since David has posted an entry!! *goes into fits*

Yeah, random. Massive Angelique review/bash coming soon!


I've been buying things on ebay again. Someone take that site away from me-- I waste literal hours on their forums reading about Buyer Seller Drama. And I realized I'd been there for over four years, never posted a single thing.

Anyone wants to know what it's like working for AT&T, this forum tells the tale. Of particular interest are the stupid customer threads... definitely nothing new to anyone who's ever worked customer service. Howardforums

Anyway, I've been wanting to do an epic music post. Won't be so much as epic as a link to my esnips folder where you can hear all the songs. If you want any (DAVID) let me know.

Music Folder

A quick run down. I tried to limit it to songs I liked on the first listen, but the main item of interest is Mathias's song "japanesekanjiLament." I downloaded all of the Neo Angelique image songs thinking they would be trash like most of the regular Angelique songs. But it's awesome because A) It doesn't sound like something he would sing, and B) see A. Anyways, I love it and that probably means I have little taste. But Pear already knew this.

The same comment applies to "Utakate no Opera," the other Angelique song, though this one isn't from Neo. But daaang, the guy cannot sing to save his life. It really ruins the song which is otherwise quite pretty. It's like someone told Johnny to sing while he was drunk.

As far as Jet's "Mission Complete," I love the instrumental part which is why I kept the karaoke version as well. But it's definitely a brainless song. Well, not that the others mentioned thus far are pinnacles of intellectual music. LET'S SING ABOUT LOVE AND LAMENT AND DON'T FORGET COMPLETING MISSIONS.

Let's see... "Nostalgia" was awesome from the first listen and made me want to like that anime, but not even an all male cast could save me from the boredom. "Baby It's You" I remember listening to for about 15 times straight after I first downloaded it (it's definitely played out for me now though). Same goes for "Life Goes On (side K)," but David knows this!

I like a lot of the Monkey Majik songs but a lot of them sound alike. I like "I MISS YOU" because it's definitely their slowest piece so it stands out more. Plus the lyrics aren't bad and like Olivia Lufkin he can sing English and sounds genuine at it.

The other two songs are a bonus. FOR GREATNESS. Brought to you by Pear.